Microfinishing Film

Microfinishing Film is a microabrasive product with micron-graded grains electrostatic coated on high precision pet film, available in different thicknesses.

It can be used either dry or water emulsion.

The range of minerals includes aluminum oxide and silicon carbide. It has a special “not slip back coating” as antislip of the film during processing.

During the coating process of Microfinishing Film, the abrasive grains are electrostatically oriented and fixed between two layers of resin (base coat and top coat) to the PET backing film giving the following main advantages:

•    the thinnest and sharpest side of every abrasive grain is oriented outside of the coating, ready for an immediate and efficient cutting action.
•    the abrasive grains are securely fixed within the double resin layers, ensuring a long-lasting performance.

All Microfinishing Film products are back printed in order to easily identify the required grit.
They are available in PSA (Pressure Sentitive Adhesive) as discs, sheet and rolls.

precision polishing microfinishing film

Available series

We have three available series for this microabrasive product:

  • FA35 Microfinishing Film, microabrasives electrostatic coating on high precision 75 µm/3 mil pet film provides an excellent products flexibility and rolls with reduced outside diameter. 
  • FA50 and FS50 Microfinishing Film, microabrasives electrostatic coating on high precision 125 µm/5 mil with anti slip back coating which allows to perform heavies and aggressive jobs.
    Please click on each serie to discover the main application and feature.

All series are suitable to be converted into sheets, discs and rolls.

Application sector

Microfinishing film are used mostly in engineering industries for hydraulic components, watches, jewelery, pipes and profiles and in automotive sector for other finishing.

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