Application Guide

This microabrasives applications guide helps you step by step through the choice of more appropriate product Precision Polishing product line is projected and produced for both industrial & mechanical specific applications and electronic ones, so a complete microabrasives applications guide is a helpful tool to identify the correct products for each application and finishing needs. Selecting between the proposed elements in each of these variable fields, you will get the microabrasives applications guide product proposal for your finishing process.

Microabrasives application guide for industrial applications

  • Cylinders for industrial applications
  • Automotive industry (crankshaft, camshafts, valves)
  • Metallography
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Optics (glasses, lenses)
  • Gravure cylinders
  • Anilox cylinders

Microabrasives application guide for electronic applications

  • Fibre optic (ceramic and plastic connectors)
  • Optic connectors
  • CD restoring
  • Hard disk