Diamond Polishing Film

Diamond Polishing Film by Precision Polishing is a diamond superabrasive slurry coated on high precision polyester film.

It can be used for lapping and polishing processes of hard materials likes carbides, ceramics, metals, glass, fiber optic connectors and other finishing and lapping process.

precision polishing diamond polishing film

Available series

  • FD30 Diamond Polishing Film comes in various forms for use in different application techniques and it’s available in PSA (Pressure Sentitive Adhesive) as discs, sheet and rolls. Please click on the serie to discover the main application and feature.

Application sector

These polishing films are used in engineering industries for metallography, watch and jewellery, pneumatic components and roller manufacturing, in automotive industries for engine components, precision parts and in electronic market for fiber optic connectors and other finishing.

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