Superfinishing for Sprayed Coating

precision polishing superfinishing for sprayed coatings

The market demands an improvement in the flexibility of the process and the surface finish and to offer the customer solutions which provide higher added value. These are only a few of the reasons which drove Metal Plasma Srl, a company leader in the protective sprayed coatings market, to evaluate Precision Polishing – Biffignandi Spa as a potential partner in the implementation of a new superfinishing process for cylindrical coated components especially with large dimensions.

Metal Plasma Srl, an Italian company based in Zan Zeno Naviglio (Brescia), has been active in the market for more than 30 years as a solution provider for issues such as wear problems, corrosion, adherence, thermal and electrical insulation, and grip improvement.

The high-tech coatings are applied using the most recent technologies: HVOF, APS (air plasma spray) and LASER CLADDING.

The coated materials of Metal Plasma include a wide range of minerals:

  • Metal alloys (bronze, white metal, carbon steel, stainless steel)
  • Super alloys nickel based, and cobalt based (inconel, hastelloy, stellite)
  • All the carbide families (tungsten and chrome carbides)
  • All the families of ceramic oxides

They can be applied to components with varying shapes and materials for dimensions up to 6 mt length X 2 mt diameter with a weight of up to 5 tons.

Precision Polishing protective coatings at Metal Plasma Precision Polishing example of_protective coatings at Metal Plasma

The aim of Metal Plasma, with the superfinishing for sprayed coatings project, is to increase its specialization in specific markets such as iron and steel, packaging, gas&oil and automotive by offering new complete solutions on a number of components such as hydraulic shafts, cylinders, drums, shafts, rings, blades, etc.

The defining factors of a new superfinishing for sprayed coatings components process, which requires financial planning and investment, must be evaluated based on costing forecasts, return on investment, speed of installation and operation start-up.

Precision Polishing, thanks to its wide portfolio of technologies, products and application know-how, has been the preferred choice of Metal Plasma to follow up on this project.

The key advantages which Precision Polishing can offer to its partners and to the companies which are new to the superfinishing process are:

  • Know-how regarding application and processes which support the customer in the project evaluation and planning stages.
  • High quality superfinishing machines (SF) from Loeser Gmbh. The standard SF machines are available ex-stock from Germany and are usually delivered directly to the end-user facility. They also offer a rental option to test a machine for 4-5 weeks. All the SF machines are easy to install and to operate.
  • A wide range of micro and superabrasive products are available to finish every substrate – click here for more info.
  • Technical and application support from initial installation to the fine tuning of the process.

The SF process was a totally new concept for Metal Plasma. The customer decided not to purchase the machine initially, but to start the production utilising the rental option.

Taking into consideration the type of components and their surface finish requirements, the recommended machine was the Loeser SF104-D: it is very flexible, easy to transport and to install, and it has the option to use microabrasive rolls from 10mm to 100mm width.
Due to the short delivery time of the rental machine (1-3 weeks depending on machine specification), the customer was able to conduct trials based on their time frame and coating process.

Initial tests were conducted on a specific lathe machine selected by Metal Plasma, together with an application specialist from Precision Polishing.
The knowledge of the Precision Polishing technician ensured the correct operation and mounting of the SF machine, and to begin the training of the machine operator. Moreover, the initial setting of the machine was established.

Precision Polishing hydraulic cylinder superfinishing

Following the start-up phase, Metal Plasma is now completely specialised and equipped for finishing solutions to achieve a surface finish below Ra 0,1, offering turnkey processes with a complete and integrated production system at all stages – from initial machining to superfinishing.
The quality of the process and the compliance with the customer specifications are measured and certified the quality assurance department within the company, which functions daily in the metallographic laboratory and in the metrology department.

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