Agglomerate Abrasives PeaxTre

Precision Polishing during these years has developed a type of abrasive with a particular three-dimensional structure of the agglomerate abrasives grains that  keep surface structures and roughness depths constant throughout the belts’ life.

Agglomerate belts have longer tool life than conventional grinding belts, and also the productivity increases significantly.

precision polishing agglomerate abrasives

Available series

We have two available series:

  • CA80 Agglomerate abrasives, belts for grinding and intermediate sanding of stainless steel, high-alloy steel and titanium alloys. Suitable for centerless belt grinding of tubes and rods.
  • CS80 Agglomerate abrasives, belts for intermediate and fine grinding of tubes and rods. Suitable for centerless belt grinding machines.

Application sector

These type of abrasives are used mostly in mechanic industries for tubes, profiles and rods finishing.