Diaflex superabrasives

Diaflex superabrasives are a new superabrasive flex diamons for working on a wide range of very hard materials.
The diamond grit is accurately fixed to a cloth backing which has strength and flexibility.
The fixing of the grain depending of the products.

Superabrasive flex diamond with high quality diamonds grains electroplated with nickel through a special flexible stainless steel mesh a very strong flexible cloth backing, which achieves a very strong, fast grinding and long life product.
The main applications are glass, ceramic, hard coated cylinders, hard metals > 55 HRC, composites, stones and high strength alloys.

Superabrasive flex diamond with high quality fine diamonds grains bonded with resin on a very strong flexible cloth backing for a smooth grinding action to achieve an excellent final polishing.
The main applications are glass, ceramic, composites and stones.

Diaflex products use the same colour coding system already in use with other superabrasive flex diamond products available on the market.

precision polishing diaflex abrasives

Available series

We have two available series:

Please click on each serie to discover the main application and feature.

Both series are suitable to be converted into belts, sponges, discs and sheets.


Application sector

Diaflex superabrasives are used mostly in precision industries for glass, ceramic, composites and stones finishing. Discover more applications for each serie or contact us for more information. Please click here to get in touch with us!