Diamond microfinishing film

Diamond Microfinishing Film is a microabrasive product with diamond micron-graded grains electrostatically coated on high precision 190 µm / 7,5 mil and 125 µm / 5 mil PET film with anti slip back coating.  

Due to the sharp diamond structure/grit and the strong resin bond, Diamond Microfinishing Film gives a fast and aggressive cutting power, high product strength and durability.

It optimises the finishing process thanks to time saving and a reduction in abrasive consumption and it can be used either dry or with water emulsion.

precision polishing diamond microfinishing film

Available series

FD55, thanks to the extensive grit range from 125 µm to 15 µm, offer a complete solution for the processing of hard materials, from rough to fine finishing.

Application sector

Diamond microfinishing film are used in engineering industries and automotive industries for hydraulic components, bearings, metallography, watch and jewellery, pneumatic components, roller manufacturing, engine components and precision parts.