Structured Abrasives

Structured abrasives by Precision Polishing, thanks to the highly precision microreplicated three-dimesional structures of the abrasive surface, are ideal to achieve a consistent and refined finishing ensuring a longlife product with a grinding and polishing performances constant throughout the abrasives life.

They have a longer tool life than conventional grinding products, significantely increasing the productivity.
Micron-graded mineral abrasives can help you to achieve lower reject rates, and uniformly smooth and refined finishes. Part after part.

precision polishing structured abrasives

Available series

We have two available series:

  • CA70 and CA71 Structured abrasives are ideal for finishing and polishing processes on materials such as chrome, nickel, titanium, steel, stainless steel, high alloys and non-ferrous metals.

Both series are suitable to be converted into belts, discs and rolls.

Application sector

Structured abrasives are used mostly in mechanic and medical industries for metal carpentry, medical prothesis and parts, hydraulic components, watches and jewelery, pipes and profiles.