FA55 Microfinishing Film

New FA55 Microfinishing Film

Biffignandi spa – Precision Polishing, together with its partner MIPOX Corporation, decided to extend the aluminium oxide microfinishing films portfolio introducing a new series – FA55 Microfinishing Film.


Features and performances

FA55 Microfinishing Film enhances the aluminium oxide electrostatic coated film range currently composed of FA35 Microfinishing Film and FA50 Microfinishing Film.

FA55 has the following technical features:

– very strong and stable 125micron/5mil PET backing film

– anti-slip back coating to avoid slipping on contact rollers or contact shoes

– precisely selected aluminium oxide micron graded grits to obtain a highly consistent finish

– electrostatic coating that ensures the best cutting power and consistency optimising the customer processes

Visually FA55 is very easy to be identified thanks to the very bright blue colour. See the product page.


FA55 aims to provide an additional solution to those customers that work with grits from medium to fine: the existing grit range is 40micron, 30micron, 20micron, 15micron and 9micron.


Compared with FA50, FA55 uses a different grit selection and a more elastic resin bond: as a result, FA55 gives a slightly finer surface finish compared to the same git size of FA50.

Below you can see the measured roughness in an internal superfinishing test. The work piece is an AISI 420 stainless steel cylinder. The purpose of the test is to compare the roughness of FA55 with FA50 and the main competitor product.

Applications and conversion forms

FA55 Microfinishing Film targets all superfinishing applications that require aluminium oxide electrostatic coated film.

It’s available in every required roll dimension, both standard (i.e. 100mmX50mt and 200mmX50mt) and customised up to 300mt length.

Endless belts, discs, and sheets with and without PSA backing are available on request.

Thanks to its high selected aluminium oxide micron-graded grits, FA55 works on a wide variety of substrates such as steel, stainless steel, chrome, copper, aluminium, irons, rubbers and polyurethanes….

FA55 works successfully for all superfinishing applications such as cylinders and rollers, crankshaft and camshafts, other shafts and spindles, etc…

FA55 is focused on key markets such as precision mechanic industries, automotive industry and rotogravure printing industry.

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