Microfinishing Film

Microabrasives electrostatic coating on high precision polyester film
  • Film Thickness: 125 µm/5 mil + ASB*
  • Mineral: Aluminium Oxide
  • Grit Range: 9µm; 15µm; 20µm; 30µm; 40µm
  • Standard Forms: Rolls, Discs, Sheets
*anti-slip back coating


FA55 Microfinishing Film is a microabrasive product with micron-graded grains electrostatic coated on high precision pet film, available in 125 µm/5 mil thickness with anti slip back coating which allows to perform heavy and aggressive jobs.

It can be used either dry or water emulsion.
It has a special “not slip back coating” as antislip of the film during processing.

It is available in PSA (Pressure Sentitive Adhesive) as discs, sheet and rolls.


Main features:

  • High precision finishing
  • Top quality selection of aluminium oxide grits
  • Versatile and strong 125 micron base film with excellent resistance to both water and oil
  • Enables to use in automated polish equipment
  • Non slip back coating on the film’s back side


  • Metals and rubber cylinders
  • Cam and crankshaft
  • Metallography
  • Other finishing and lapping process

Standard forms:

  • Rolls : 100mm / 200mm X 50mt X 76mm plastic 4 keyed core
  • Sheet: 230mm X 280mm
  • Discs: 203 mm / 254 mm / 305 mm / 350 mm


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Microfinishing films are one of the most extended and varied product family within the Precision Polishing microabrasive films products range.


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Additional information

Which component do you need to work?

Bearings rings, Cam shaft, Crank shaft, Engine components, Gear components, Hydraulic components, Knifes & blades, Metallography, Pneumatic components, Precision parts, Roller manufacturing, Rotogravure cylinders, Shock absorbers, Steering road, Valves, Watch and jewellery

Which materials do you want to work?

Aluminium, Cast Iron, Copper, Hard Chrome, High Alloyed Steel, Non Ferrous, Rubber, Stainless Steel, Steel, Titanium

What finishing do you want to reach?

Finishing, Microfinishing, Sharpening, Straightline roughness

Which sector are you interesting in?

Automotive industries, Mechanic and precision industries

Which abrasive are you interesting in?



  • Film Thickness: 125 µm / 5 mil + ASB*
  • Mineral: Aluminium Oxide
  • Grit Range: 9µm; 15µm; 20µm; 30µm; 40µm
  • Standard Forms: Rolls, Discs, Sheets

*anti-slip back coating