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FD55 Diamond Microfinishing Film

precision polishing fd55 diamond microfinishing film

The market requirement for a high-quality diamond film with exceptional cutting power and durability drove Precision Polishing to develop the new product range designated FD55 Diamond Microfinishing Film.

The research and development project, started already in 2018, has been focused right from the beginning to develop a superior quality product able to perform on the most critical of applications.
Thanks to a very uniform and high-performance electrostatic coating process and to an extremely resistant resin coating on a strong 190 µm (7,5 mil) and 125 µm (5 mil) PET backing film with antislip backing, FD55 ensures a very fast precise stock removal rate with long life, combined with an excellent and consistent surface finish.

The current grit sizes are: 125 µm, 80 µm, 60 µm, 45 µm, 30 µm and 15 µm.
This covers applications requiring a coarse up to a fine surface finish.

FD55 Diamond Microfinishing Film has its own specific product colour code in order to immediately identify and select the appropriate grit size, thus eliminating incorrect selection. In addition, the grit size and batch number are printed on the backing.

Precision Polishing Diamond Microfinishing Film grit range fd55

FD55 Diamond Microfinishing Film targets a wide variety of materials and industries

The main target workpiece materials are:

  • Hard coatings such as tungsten carbide, chrome carbide, chrome oxide, other ceramics and oxides
  • Sintered metals and hard material such as cast iron, chilled cast iron, high nickel alloy and others
  • Glass, stone and gemstone
  • Composite materials and solid surfaces

Diamond Microfinishing Film FD55

Concerning the related industries, FD55 is orientated mostly towards precision machining of components manufactured for the following industries:

  • Aerospace and transportation
  • Flexographic
  • Paper and textile manufacturing
  • Cylinders surface grinding
  • Other precision grinding and finishing related markets

Solutions are also offered in the glass market for bevelling after cutting, and in the stone and solid surface markets to grind and polish.

Conversion capabilities

Like every microabrasive film in the Precision Polishing product range, FD55 Diamond Microfinishing Film is converted into several product types.
It is available as:

  • Rolls, both for superfinishing machines and other applications
  • Endless belts with the jointing tape positioned on the abrasive side or on the backing
  • Discs with or without PSA (adhesive) backing
  • Sheets with or without PSA (adhesive) backing

Concerning rolls, the standard dimensions available from stock are 100mm X 15mt, 100mm X 50mt and 200mm X 15mt (all with 76mm i.d. plastic core with 4 slots) with start/end sections (tails) without abrasive. All the other dimensions are available on request, also with a 26mm plastic core.

ASO (abrasive side out) and ASI (abrasive side in) winding directions are both available.
Endless belts are manufactured to customer specification and requirements.
Discs standard diameters are 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm. All the other dimensions are available up to a maximum outside diameter of 500mm.
Regarding sheets, the standard dimension is 230mm X 280mm. All the other dimensions are available up to a maximum width of 500mm.

Diamond Microfinishing Film FD55 range

Advantages and benefits

Due to the technical features, FD55 Diamond Microfinishing Film offers the end users many benefits for improving their finishing processes.
The high cutting power ensures a fast grinding action to quickly remove and improve the marks of the previous machining operation.
The very hard and resistant abrasive coating allows:

  • When using superfinishing rolls, a reduction of the abrasive feed rate to a minimum result in lower abrasive consumption.
  • The use of endless belts due to the FD55 consistency and long-life finishing performance even on large parts.

In addition, the high grinding performance and efficiency allows a reduction in the processes time when compared to conventional microabrasive film used in sequence.

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