Microfinishing and Polishing film for watchmakers and jewellers

Precision Polishing Diamond Microfinishing and polishing film

Precision Polishing products are found in many industrial applications and in specialised high-quality markets such as watchmakers and jewellers. Thanks to the wide variety and high quality of the Microfinishing and Polishing Film product range, and the flexible conversion process, Precision Polishing manufactures the following specialised products.

FA50 Microfinishing Film Pin Hole or PSA mini discs for watchmakers and jewellers

FA50 Microfinishing Film is now available in the popular 22mm pinhole disc which is mounted onto a miniature mandrel (1mm hole diameter).

These long-lasting discs are available from grit 100µm (approx. grit P150) to grit 5µm (approx. grit P3000).

As with every microabrasive product within the Precision Polishing product range, the aluminium oxide grits are strictly regulated and adhered to ensure a high consistent finish and uniform cut, avoiding inconsistencies and variations that occur with conventional abrasive paper and cloth.
FA50 provides the best finishing process on several types of metals, especially gold, silver and platinum.

FA50 discs are also available with PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) backing that can be used both in dry and wet applications. These are used in conjunction with a PSA mandrel – one stick. No adhesive residue remains once the used disc has been removed.

Microfinishing Film PSA sheets and discs

These essential micro-graded products offer a close tolerance finish on metals and plastic surfaces, reducing the sanding steps and providing an easy-to-buff finish.The standard PSA Microfinishing Film sheet dimension is 230x280mm.
You can also cut them into shapes (using scissors or cutters – it’s impossible to tear), use by hand or peel the thin paper backing off which can adhere to any surface (tabletop, mandrel, etc…).

The same Microfinishing series FA50, FA35 and FS50 are also available as PSA discs in several standard and not standard diameters. Compared with traditional paper and cloth backed abrasive products, Microfinishing Film discs provide a more precise, consistently uniform and close tolerance finish.

They work both wet or dry and can be used with flat lapping machines and portable tools.
Sheets and discs are available from grit 100µm (approx. grit 150) to grit 5µm (approx. grit 3000).


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FD55 Diamond Microfinishing Film

Diamond Microfinishing Film FD55 is designed to greatly reduce the finishing time on hard materials. It works both dry or wet on all materials including 18KW alloy, platinum, stainless steel, thermal spray coatings, ceramics, carbides, chilled irons, glass and stone.

The current available grits are: 80 µm, 60 µm, 45 µm, 30 µm and 15 µm.

Thanks to the tough and flexible film backing, FD55 is suitable both for roughing and finishing applications, using sheets and discs with or without PSA adhesive backing and endless belts.

Precision Polishing Diamond_Microfinishing Film belt

FA30 Polishing Film sheets and discs

Aluminium oxide micro calibrated grain (slurry coated) on a 3mil (75 µm) polyester film provides high precision finishing.
It is available from 60µm to 0,5µm (approx. from grit 320 to grit 10000) both with and without PSA adhesive backing.

Thanks to the high production accuracy, FA30 offers finishing solutions from the pre-polishing to extra-bright finishing before the final buffing process.

It works perfectly on gold and platinum.

FA30 is available both as sheets for hand applications and as discs in various diameters to be applied on rotary machines.

Precision Polishing Lapping film sheets

To obtain a consistent finish by using microabrasive endless belts, there are 2 key elements to meet:

  1. The consistency and high quality of the microabrasive film.
  2. The manufacturing quality of the joint / splice.


Precision Polishing, thanks to its highly specialised production and conversion processes, meets both criteria, offering superior quality solutions for all precision applications where microabrasive endless belts are required, especially oriented to the watchmaker and jewellery markets.

Depending on the customer requirements and the chosen product, the jointing tape is positioned on the abrasive side or on the backing.

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