Microfinishing Film Belts

Precision Polishing microfinishing film belts

Microfinishing film belts or Microfinishing film endless belts are microabrasive film-based products converted into abrasive strips then joined together using a glued joint tape. This family of products are mounted on belt grinding machines to finish several substrates for both industrial and high precision applications.

Advantages of Microfinishing film belts

Microfinishing film belts combine the advantages of Microfinishing film products such as high cutting power and consistent surface finish which can be used on a wide variety of applications. With the use of belt grinding technology further advantages are achieved e.g. process speed and flexibility.

Depending on the workpiece material, the correct microfinishing film range and mineral must be selected: FA50 (aluminium oxide) – FS50 (silicon carbide) – FD55 (diamond). These are the most common and suitable products due to their anti-slip backing, which ensures the belt is secured correctly during the application.

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Moreover, Microfinishing film products offer a wide range of grit options to achieve any surface finish requirement: from medium grits as 125µm or 100 µm (similar as FEPA P120 and P150) to very fine grits as 5µm (similar as FEPA P5000).

Precision Polishing – Biffignandi spa supports the customer in the selection of the most appropriate product and grit to meet the required target surface finish and ultimately optimise the process/application.

Precision Polishing belts test equipment

Production and specifications of Microfinishing film belts

The main dimensions to be defined before the Microfinishing film belts production are the width and the length (measured in mm).
The length is identified as the full length of the abrasive strip before the join.

Regarding the belt’s joint, Precision Polishing – Biffignandi Spa offers 2 high quality precision joints as follows:

  • Type 3 (internal form n° 2538): Butt/Tape Joint.
  • Type 4 (internal form n° 2539): Fully Top-Skived, Grain Side, Tape on Top Joint.

Precision Polishing Microfinishing film Belts joints

Type 3 specifications:
The two straight edges of the belt are brought together along the blunt edge and attached using a thin tape along the entire length of the belt on the back (not abrasive) side. The tape width is 10mm. Because the joint is made at the natural edge of the material, there is a continuous layer of grain across the joint.

A key benefit of Type 3 joint is that it’s bi-directional, unlike a lap joint. Using a bi-directional belt can minimize human error on belt installation, minimize tracking issues and extend the life of the belt.

Precision Polishing Microfinishing film Belts joints T3

Type 4 specifications:
In this version, the grains are skived surrounding the joint, the edges are butted against each other, and the 10mm width tape is then placed on the grain side of the belt. This method creates a tape joint with a zero tolerance on the backside.

Precision Polishing Microfinishing Film skived joint

This joint is used frequently to reduce chatter on metal drums, to prevent loading problems since there is no grain and the dust will be less prone to stick to the tape. This joint is also used on narrow flexible belts to help eliminate chatter, while giving the flexibility of having a universal directional belt.

Max-min endless microfinishing film belt dimensions

For both Type 3 and Type 4 belts Precision Polishing – Biffignandi spa offer the following dimensional range:

  • Width: Min. 10mm and max. the jumbo width.
  • Length: Min. 320mm and max. None.


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