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Polishing Film

Polishing Film is a microabrasive product with micron-graded grains slurry coated on high precision 75 µm / 3 mil film, which gives a high-accuracy finishing and excellent flexibility and durability.

It can be used either dry or water emulsion.
The range of minerals includes aluminium oxide and silicon carbide.
Specifically, for final polishing of the fibre optic connector’s is available a Silica Oxide microabrasive. It ensures a perfect finish and geometry of the ferula, combining it with a high life of the product.

Polishing Film is colour coded to easily identify the abrasive grit required. To guarantee a uniform flatness of the film, there is no printing on the backside because the increase in thickness from the layer of ink would strongly influence the finishing consistency. 

It is available in PSA (Pressure Sentitive Adhesive) as discs, sheet and rolls.

precision polishing film

Available series

We have three available series for this micorabrasive product:

  • FA30, FI30/FI31 and FS30 Polishing Film, all of them are microabrasives slurry coated on high precision 75 µm / 3 mil film. Please click on each serie to discover the main application and feature.

All series are suitable to be converted into discs, sheets and rolls. Feel free to contact us to ask customized sizes.

Application sector

Polishing Film are used mostly in mechanic and precision industries, in automotive segment and in electronic markets.

Discover more applications for each serie or contact us for more information. Please click here to get in touch with us!